Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 4 Dr. King's "Letter"

When asked if Dr. Kings letter would have worked today and why, unfortunately, my answer is far to simple, "No". Although we live in 2010, I think we deal with the same ignorance as we did back then. Though we are becoming more acceptable of people of different culture, I only believe it is because of Dr King's work. It still amazes me how far we have come since that time but I do feel there is work to be done to continue Dr. King's establishments.

In so many ways I could relate to Dr. King's "Letter". Though I am not black, I am a devoted Christian. As I read, I could related to his "Letter". This letter brought tears to my eyes because I could identify with the disappointment that he refers to regarding the church. I too, have felt this same disappointment regarding members of the Christian Church when it comes to having disabled children. It is not so much that the church has not been accepting of their disability, but rather their ignorance of not understanding the disability, and how caught up they are in their own lives. I believe that church is not just to learn about who God is, but to be there for your brothers and sisters in the Lord. I have found great disappointment that this has not been the case. Just as Dr King stated, the church was to caught up in their satus quo. I relate to the church being to caught up in their own lives in 2010. I also agree with Dr King when he stated his disappointment comes from the love he has for the church. I too, have a great love for the church, still believe in what the church believes, and will till my dying day as well. I also agree that my disappointment comes, because of the great love I do have for it.

As the "Letter" closed I was amazed at Dr King's attitude. Here he had talked about the disappointment. He could of chose to be angry at the church, talk bad about them, but rather he chose to speak it in love. Dr. King even went as far to mention if he had offended any one to ask for their forgiveness. To me this spoke such volume. This was truly a man who had every right to be angry, to slander his fellow brothers in the Lord, but he chose to speak in love understanding where they come from. So when I am asked if the "Letter" would have worked to day my response is "no", based off my own experience. Dr King not only started this movement but stand out today because there are not many like this man today. He is truly a man to be admired!

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