Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Assignment

I have learned a lot while taking the 4 week course Eng 240. I have learned about inductive and deductive reasoning. Although, I have not mastered this concept, I at least have a better understanding of using these concepts.

Avoiding wordiness is the biggest thing I have learned while taking this class. This concept I will use in my following classes at NU, and writing in general. While proof reading, look for words that are not needed and remove them. I learned, we tend to write like we speak. Also, eliminating big fancy words while I write. By using big fancy words we do not create sentences that are equal or better. The idea is to have concise clean sentences. We can also do this by avoiding euphemisms.

I have to say my performances did meet my expectations. I would have done everything the same. I turned all my assignments in on time, while putting my best effort forth on all of them. I have done everything that has been asked of me, devoting 100%. All the while, maintaining a family of five, 3 children under 10, and a wonderful husband. With all this said, I believe, and know, I deserve an A in this class, making it my 3rd A in a row! Can't stop the role now (hehehe).

In closing, I have to honestly say I have enjoyed this class more than any of the classes here at NU. The teacher was the best I had due to her ability to teach. I particularly like all the comments and feedback on the work. As a student, when you take as much time as you do, to complete an assignment, it is nice to know the teacher spends the time to deliver feedback you can take along with you to the next assignment. If you read this Jennifer, thank you for doing such a great job teaching. I only wish I could take you into my next class!