Wednesday, February 17, 2010

week 3 of Eng 240

This weeks assignment is to discuss the importance of documentation. I have not done a lot of documentations in the past. Of the assignments documented, I have done both APA and MLA assignments. I can not say I prefer one over the other because to me the formats are similar just requires slight differences. In the future, most of my documentation will be in APA since my feild of major is psychology.

Documentation is important for several reasons. The first that comes to mind is the reader learns more about the subject that has been documented. When you document, this can help prepare you to organize and share your research. Documentation can also help direct your research. Though documentation you are then able to convey information. I find documentation to be helpful, I therefore find it easy. For me, the most difficult task of documenting is citing properly. I believe I have not had enough practice to know off hand "the rules". Once I have had more time to practice this skill, it will become even easier.

The resouce I have been using to help with my documentation is the little brown book called "Bookmarks". This has been the best tool. I now have our book from Eng. 240, which I will also consider a tool. Most of the professors at NU seem to be big fans of the website Purdue Owl, but I have also found and as well.