Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Assignment

I have learned a lot while taking the 4 week course Eng 240. I have learned about inductive and deductive reasoning. Although, I have not mastered this concept, I at least have a better understanding of using these concepts.

Avoiding wordiness is the biggest thing I have learned while taking this class. This concept I will use in my following classes at NU, and writing in general. While proof reading, look for words that are not needed and remove them. I learned, we tend to write like we speak. Also, eliminating big fancy words while I write. By using big fancy words we do not create sentences that are equal or better. The idea is to have concise clean sentences. We can also do this by avoiding euphemisms.

I have to say my performances did meet my expectations. I would have done everything the same. I turned all my assignments in on time, while putting my best effort forth on all of them. I have done everything that has been asked of me, devoting 100%. All the while, maintaining a family of five, 3 children under 10, and a wonderful husband. With all this said, I believe, and know, I deserve an A in this class, making it my 3rd A in a row! Can't stop the role now (hehehe).

In closing, I have to honestly say I have enjoyed this class more than any of the classes here at NU. The teacher was the best I had due to her ability to teach. I particularly like all the comments and feedback on the work. As a student, when you take as much time as you do, to complete an assignment, it is nice to know the teacher spends the time to deliver feedback you can take along with you to the next assignment. If you read this Jennifer, thank you for doing such a great job teaching. I only wish I could take you into my next class!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 4 Dr. King's "Letter"

When asked if Dr. Kings letter would have worked today and why, unfortunately, my answer is far to simple, "No". Although we live in 2010, I think we deal with the same ignorance as we did back then. Though we are becoming more acceptable of people of different culture, I only believe it is because of Dr King's work. It still amazes me how far we have come since that time but I do feel there is work to be done to continue Dr. King's establishments.

In so many ways I could relate to Dr. King's "Letter". Though I am not black, I am a devoted Christian. As I read, I could related to his "Letter". This letter brought tears to my eyes because I could identify with the disappointment that he refers to regarding the church. I too, have felt this same disappointment regarding members of the Christian Church when it comes to having disabled children. It is not so much that the church has not been accepting of their disability, but rather their ignorance of not understanding the disability, and how caught up they are in their own lives. I believe that church is not just to learn about who God is, but to be there for your brothers and sisters in the Lord. I have found great disappointment that this has not been the case. Just as Dr King stated, the church was to caught up in their satus quo. I relate to the church being to caught up in their own lives in 2010. I also agree with Dr King when he stated his disappointment comes from the love he has for the church. I too, have a great love for the church, still believe in what the church believes, and will till my dying day as well. I also agree that my disappointment comes, because of the great love I do have for it.

As the "Letter" closed I was amazed at Dr King's attitude. Here he had talked about the disappointment. He could of chose to be angry at the church, talk bad about them, but rather he chose to speak it in love. Dr. King even went as far to mention if he had offended any one to ask for their forgiveness. To me this spoke such volume. This was truly a man who had every right to be angry, to slander his fellow brothers in the Lord, but he chose to speak in love understanding where they come from. So when I am asked if the "Letter" would have worked to day my response is "no", based off my own experience. Dr King not only started this movement but stand out today because there are not many like this man today. He is truly a man to be admired!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

week 3 of Eng 240

This weeks assignment is to discuss the importance of documentation. I have not done a lot of documentations in the past. Of the assignments documented, I have done both APA and MLA assignments. I can not say I prefer one over the other because to me the formats are similar just requires slight differences. In the future, most of my documentation will be in APA since my feild of major is psychology.

Documentation is important for several reasons. The first that comes to mind is the reader learns more about the subject that has been documented. When you document, this can help prepare you to organize and share your research. Documentation can also help direct your research. Though documentation you are then able to convey information. I find documentation to be helpful, I therefore find it easy. For me, the most difficult task of documenting is citing properly. I believe I have not had enough practice to know off hand "the rules". Once I have had more time to practice this skill, it will become even easier.

The resouce I have been using to help with my documentation is the little brown book called "Bookmarks". This has been the best tool. I now have our book from Eng. 240, which I will also consider a tool. Most of the professors at NU seem to be big fans of the website Purdue Owl, but I have also found and as well.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Stuff To Comment About For Eng 240

I have been enjoying Eng. 240. Only a week in a half into the class and I have learned so much. One of the discussion board topics this week I found extremely fun. The topic is about euphemisms. I found this such a fun topic because I am the type of person who speaks things how they are. I never realized how many different euphemisms there were until this discussion board. Once I stopped to think about it I actually chuckled to myself out loud. I found most of the euphemisms that I came up with were words or phrases to not offend others, or shall I say to be more polite. Like I said, I am not one to to say things settle but rather bluntly. My most difficult task in life is to say things truthfully without being to rough. This is truly my biggest mountain when working on personal growth. Here is a list of few of my favorite/fun euphemisms that I brained stormed this week: big boned (fat), adult entertainment (porn), private parts, knocked up, happy hour, bite the dust, lady of the night, passed away (died), mixologists (bartender), restrooms, custodian (janitor).

I also really enjoyed learning from my readings yesterday. Orwell went over how writing has changed through history. I learned 6 rules to follow to try and to make my writing more clear. These 6 rules are: never use a metaphor, simile, or other figures of speech, long word where a short one will do, if able to cut out a word then cut it out, passive where you can use the active, foreign phrase, scientific word, or jargon if you can use a everyday word, break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.

Last I have to mention the thought I had this morning before logging onto Eng. 240. I was driving my car this morning thinking about the classmates of Eng 240. So far out of all the classes I have taken with NU this class ranks my highest on the scale of best classmates. I really have enjoyed the discussion boards with this particular class the most. Some of the students have been very kind with suggestions and kind with their words to me. There are a few who have really made the discussions a lot of fun by not using serious topics for examples, yet I have been able to learn the concepts in a fun way. For all of those of you, who read this blog, that are in Eng 240, I want to say thank you to all of you for making this a great experience.....teacher included!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I Have Chosen My Degree In Psy.

I have chosen to receive my degree in Psychology. Eight years ago I had a child diagnosed with Autism. Then, three years ago, my youngest son was diagnosed with the same disorder. In order for my sons to receive services for their disorder they had to be diagnosed by a Psychologist. One of the main services my children have received over the years is a therapy called “ABA” (Applied Behavior Analysis).
The role of an ABA therapist is to come in to the home of an autistic child and work on function and academic skills. For functional skills this may include, potty training, dressing, eating unpreferred foods, behaviors; which can include aggression or self-stimulation, language, and social skills. These programs are tailored specifically for that child. Though autism has similar characteristics, not one child is the same with their disorder. In order to best serve the child, each program is individualized. Typically the therapist in charge of assessing the child, and setting up the program, hold a degree in Psychology with other certifications. Depending on the severity of the child, and the intensity of the program, will affect the amount of hours that the supervisor/director of the program spends with that child. The role of the supervisor/director is to help train the therapists that go into the home on a daily basis to work with the child. They are also in charge of reporting the goals of the child to funding sources, such as regional centers, and districts on a quarterly basis.
I have been inspired to receive my degree in Psychology after being a stay-at-home mom for 8 years, while watching such therapy in my home 40 hours a week, and seeing the progress my children have made with such a program. Not only will I be able to apply what I have learned for my children in the future, but my hope is to go on and become certified in the field. It is then, I will be able to help other children and families live a happier/easier life do to their children’s acquiring skills. Who not better serve these families, then one who has walked the same path?